is a Finnish production company that develops and produces

quality films mainly for TV and film festivals.  We also provide a large

variety of services, such as screenwriting, film music, co-production,

editing, graphic design, multicam shooting, music and

soundrecording etc. some of these in co-operation with

Mediagents Oy, Visiorex Oy and Virma Oy.


For years we have produced documentaries on

sound and music, especially jazz, but currently we are also aiming

for small-scale fiction films in the low- to mid-budget range.

We have a special interest in art-house features hovering on

 the borderline between documentary and fiction.


The producer and CEO of Gateway Films, Lasse Keso,

graduated from the Film Department, University of Arts,

Helsinki in  1985 and after studies in UCLA achieved

his Licentiate of Arts degree. He has 30 years of experience in

film making and also a long career as a lecturer in the Film Faculty

of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki.

Lasse Keso is also a performing musician and composer.

Gateway Films Oy, Hiidenkiventie 45, 04200 Kerava. Ohjaaja/tuottaja Lasse Keso,, puh. 050 5367009

Dokumenttielokuvat, fiktiot, käsikirjoitus, ohjaus, tuotanto.

Gateway Films (est. 1995)